Payment and gift cards

With this module, bonVito customer cards are equipped with a practical payment function.

Payment and gift cards in individual design

Automatise your voucher management and save valuable time.

  • Load the desired voucher amount onto the card
  • No more manual processing of remaining amounts necessary
  • Exportable voucher book with lots of information, such as the recharge date, the amount, the current credit balance and much more.
  • Easy and effective management through integration in Vectron POS systems
  • Can be combined with individual voucher card holders. This combination offers your customers a high-quality (voucher) complete package
  • Also available in neutral design
  • Layout change within one order

Failure to redeem vouchers is a welcome and considerable increase in turnover - about one third of voucher amounts are not redeemed.

Prepaid: Debitory use

Let your customers pay per customer card or bonVito app.

  • Your own prepaid card system, which also functions cross-branch
  • You specify the maximum top-up amount for all customers, customer groups or individual customers
  • The card can be topped up directly via the POS system or independently by the cardholder via PayPal.
  • Maximum security: The credit is stored in the system, i.e. if a registered card is lost, it can be replaced very easily

Credit: Creditory use

Provide customers with an overdraft facility using the credit function.

  • You determine the overdraft limit for all customers, customer groups or individual customers
  • If desired, your customers can further restrict this limit

E-Payment Special: Restrictable payment card

You and your customers determine which products or product groups from your stock list can be paid by payment card.
Example "children's card": Parents can restrict their children's payment card to the extent that they cannot pay for unauthorised items with the card.

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