A brand of Vectron Systems AG

About bonVito

The basic idea of bonVito was developed back in 2002 within Vectron Systems AG. The vision of developing a system that intelligently connects the POS system as the central billing and controlling instrument to online services was born. As visions need time to mature, it took approximately 10 years until we launched a product unique in its versatility on the market with "bonVito by Vectron" in 2010.

The brand registration of bonVito was started worldwide in parallel and realised as registered trademark ( ® ) of Vectron Systems AG. In 2012 bonVito was then transferred as a 100 percent subsidiary of Vectron Systems AG to a separate GmbH (private limited company) so that both companies can now concentrate on their respective core competences.

bonVito is a multi-channel marketing platform which meanwhile comprises numerous customer retention functions, e-payment, online table reservation and live reporting and which is permanently developed. Thanks to the modular structure, you can very specifically select the right functions for your needs. This results in a tangible added value for you and your customers.

Our success story has only just begun and we look forward to inspiring you with our unique range of services and the increasing number of practical functions.