Digital stamps

Stamps are a proven tool for customer retention and loyalty building.
The granting of discounts works according to the motto: "Buy an item 10 times, get the 11th for free".

Anonymous use of stamps

Let your customers collect stamps via their receipt.

  • In addition to the designated stamps, a barcode is generated and printed on the receipt, which can only be redeemed once.
  • Previously collected stamps are transferred to the new receipt during the next purchase
  • If your customer has forgotten his stamp booklet, he can collect the receipts separately and have them added later on
  • The discount is redeemed automatically at the point of sale

Personalised use of stamps

Let your customers collect stamps via their registered customer card or per customer card app.

Security and protection against tampering

...through the unique integration into the POS system

Paper stamps are not linked to the POS system and pose a significant risk of misuse by customers and staff. With bonVito, the link to the POS system means that stamps are only issued when the corresponding items are booked.

Sternenbäck Bakery, Mr Bumüller:
"With the new electronic stamps from bonVito, we had 50% fewer redemptions over a period of several months with the same turnover as before with our paper stamps."

Everything in view

You can view the current status of your promotions at any time with the extensive real-time evaluation and clearly evaluate the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Detailed evaluation by:

  • Branch and campaign
  • Number of total, redeemed and open coupons
  • Achieved turnover per active and also expired campaign
  • Total turnover with campaign items
  • Cost of discounts spent (absolute and in %)
  • Average receipt amount
  • Export of all raw data as CSV-file possible

Examples of successful stamp campaigns:

  • "The eighth hair cut is free."
  • "Buy five cups of coffee and the sixth one is free."
  • "Receive one stamp per 2 euros of sales on rolls. Get one loaf of bread free for 10 stamps."
  • "Collect a stamp for every half loaf of bread.  Get one loaf of bread free for 10 stamps."
  • "After five lunch menus, the sixth comes with a free drink."

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