Direct discounts

Reward your customers with a direct discount on their current visit.

Types of Discount

  • Percentage discount, a free product, a credit amount or a new fixed price.
  • You specify the products or product groups.
  • All discount campaigns are automatically managed by the POS systems and taken into account during the checkout process.

Time-controlled campaigns (happy hour)

To redeem direct discounts, you can set specific days of the week and times of day to attract more customers at times of low occupancy.

Application example: staff discount

By using bonVito, you can realise staff discounts for various products with different discount values. Detailed evaluation functions allow you to proactively control above-average utilisation of staff discounts.

Of course, you can also assign different discount values to all other customer groups (e.g. gold, silver, bronze).

Everything in view

You can view the current status of your promotions at any time with the extensive real-time evaluation and clearly evaluate the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Detailed evaluation by:

  • Branch and campaign
  • Number of total, redeemed and open coupons
  • Achieved turnover per active and also expired campaign
  • Total turnover with campaign items
  • Cost of discounts spent (absolute and in %)
  • Average receipt amount
  • Export of all raw data as CSV-file possible

Examples of successful direct discounts:

  • "Tasting campaignT: Today you'll receive a glass of our new alcohol-free beer with your lunch."
  • "Staff discount: All alcohol-free beverages free of charge."
  • "Happy Hour: All cocktails at half price from 8 to 10 pm!“
  • "Today you'll get a 10% discopunt on every piece of cake."

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