Reward your customers with a bonus on their next visit.

POS System Coupons

Coupons with attractive advantages animate your customers to make additional visits to your premises. bonVito enables you to offer coupons simply and without a lot of effort and expense.

Reward your customers with a bonus on their next visit.

  • Percentage discount, free product addition, credit amount or new price
  • Anonymous coupons: Processing by unique, only once redeemable barcode on the POS receipt, which is automatically charged at the POS system.
  • Personalised coupons: Settlement per customer card or bonVito-App

Advertising coupons

Reach new customers with coupons in advertisements, flyers & co.

  • Create barcodes, which you can download and print onto advertising material.
  • Controlled granting of discounts: Determine the maximum number of redemptions or create single barcodes, which can only be redeemed once.

You specify the products for which coupons are issued and on which days they can be redeemed. The coupons are offset automatically by the POS system.

Coupons via E-Mail or Text Message

Surprise your existing customers with coupons e.g. for their birthday.

Our "CRM" module offers this and much more

Everything in view

You can view the current status of your promotions at any time with the extensive real-time evaluation and clearly evaluate the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Detailed evaluation by:

  • Branch and campaign
  • Number of total, redeemed and open coupons
  • Achieved turnover per active and also expired campaign
  • Total turnover with campaign items
  • Cost of discounts spent (absolute and in %)
  • Average receipt amount
  • Export of all raw data as CSV-file possible

Examples of successful coupons:

  • "Visit us next Wednesday and get a coffee for free."
  • "During your next visit you'll receive 10 % off every dish of the day."
  • "Bring this coupon with you on your next visit and you'll receive a credit of € 5 on all articles with a minimum purchase of € 25."
  • "Next Tuesday you can get any piece of cake for €1.50."

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