Customer Card

Your customers benefit from the bonVito customer card in many ways!

You too, by the way: based on the stored data, you can target specific customer groups and place your individual loyalty card directly in your customer's wallet, smartphone, on their coffee-to-go cup or key ring. 5 million of our customer cards are already in use!

Individual customer cards

Win loyal regular customers with the successful customer retention tool.

Advantages for you:

  • Available in credit card format or also as a trendy key ring.
  • Delivered with your individual look and logo.
  • Acquire valuable and comprehensive customer data - demographic and transactional. Based on this data, you can group customers, target them with marketing measures and thus reduce wastage.
  • You determine whether your customers have to register or not.
  • Request several layouts within one order.

Advantages for your customers:

  • One card for all: Discounts, stamps, coupons, cashless payment and many more
  • Own, clearly structured customer account at 
  • The card is always at hand: whether on a key ring or in a wallet
  • Discounts and credit do not get lost if you loose the card


Digital customer card and customer card app

Position yourself also in your customer's smartphone - the electronic supplement to the classic customer card!

  • Customers can view their account at any time
  • App contains individual customer card QR code that can be scanned like a classic customer card at the point of sale to collect discounts, stamps and points and for cashless payment (Mobile Couponing & Mobile Payment)
  • No installation required as it is a web app, which is optimised for iOS and Android devices

You can select between different card types:

  • Anonymous and non-registerable - loyalty cards can only be used anonymously, e.g.:
    • Dispo card (payment card without customer retention function)
    • (reusable) gift cards
    • Anonymous customer loyalty card with payment function

  • Anonymous and registerable - loyalty cards can be registered. Let your customers decide whether they want to register or not.
  • Personalised - customer cards have to be registered to redeem discounts. The ideal option to collect customer data for targeted marketing campaigns.

Technical possibilities

  • In regular print: barcode and magnetic strip with/without RFID-chip
  • In express print: barcode with/without RFID-chip

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