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Direct Discounts

The Direct Discount module enables you to grant your customers an instant discount during their current visit.

Discount types

  • Percentage discount, free product, credit amount or new fixed price
  • You determine the products, product groups or departments
  • All the configured discount campaigns are automatically managed by the POS systems and taken into account at the point of sale

Time-controlled campaigns (Happy Hour)

For redemption of the direct discounts you can determine weekdays and times in order to attract more customers in low-frequented times.

Application example: Staff discounts

By using bonVito, personnel discounts for various products with different discount values can be realized. Thanks to the extensive evaluations, it is also possible at any time to pro-actively control above-average use of staff discounts.

Of course you can also assign different discounts to all the other customer groups (e.g. Gold, Silver, and Bronze).

Overview at a glance

Via extensive evaluation in real time you can view the current status of your campaigns at any time and clearly assess the efficiency of your marketing promotions.

Detailed evaluation by:

  • Branch and campaign
  • Number of total, redeemed and open discounts
  • Effected turnover per active or expired campaign
  • Total sales with promotion products
  • Costs for granted discounts (absolute and in %)
  • Average receipt amount
  • Export of all raw data as CSV-file possible

Examples of successful direct discounts:

  • "Today you'll receive a free cup of coffee with every piece of cake."
  • "Try our new beer: Today you'll receive a glass of our new alcohol-free beer with your lunch."
  • "Employee discount: All non-alcoholic beverages free of charge."

Direct Discounts

Receipt - Direct Discounts
Receipt - Direct Discounts
Analysis - Direct Discount
Analysis - Direct Discount
Campaign - Direct Discount
Campaign - Direct Discount

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