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Collecting Points

With the "Collecting points" module your customers receive sales-based bonus points. The collected points can then be used by your customer as a means of payment.

Points a means of payment

Points a means of payment
  • Have your customers and/or customer groups collect points with your customer cards
  • Each point is worth one cent
  • You decide how many points you want to issue to your customers per 1 euro of sales and how many points your customers must collect before they can use them as a means of payment
  • The points are offset at the POS system

Points within the company

The points are bound to your company, i.e. customers can only collect and redeem these points when shopping at your company. If you have several branches, this naturally applies to all branch locations.

Customer cards

To increase the advertising effect, the customer cards are given your individual design.

More on this subject here!

Overview at a glance

Via extensive evaluation in real time you can view the current status of your campaigns at any time and clearly assess the efficiency of your marketing promotions.

Detailed evaluation by:

  • Branch and campaign
  • Number of total, redeemed and open points
  • Effected turnover per active or expired campaign
  • Total sales with promotion products
  • Costs for granted discounts (absolute and in %)
  • Average receipt amount
  • Export of all raw data as CSV-file possible

Examples of successful point promotions:

  • "You'll receive 10 points for every € 1 of sales on our cocktails."
  • "You'll receive 5 points for every euro of bread sales at our chain of bakeries."
  • "As a VIP customer you'll receive 20 points per euro of sales on all our products."

Collecting Points

Receipt - Points
Receipt - Points
Campaign - Points
Campaign - Points
Analysis - Points
Analysis - Points

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