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Customer cards with individual design and company logo.

Customer cards with your individual design.

You can attune both the functions and the design of the bonVito customer card exactly to your company. This means the front side of the cards can be designed according to your specifications and, for example, can be provided with your company logo. This additionally strengthens customer retention and imparts the feeling of exclusivity – especially in conjunction with the personalisation.

Here the customer cards from bonVito also offer the decisive advantage as they can first be used anonymously and can then be personalized and registered later if necessary. From the stock of all registered guests it is then possible in a flash to generate groups to which you assign certain discounts, rewards or promotional offers, or guest and address lists for mailing campaigns.

Whether with or without a photo, one or multi-colour – there are virtually no limits to your ideas and requests when creating the template for printing. The high-quality printing, stable carrier material and the durable surface ensure that your customer cards are no less attractive even after many years.