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Kunden binden, auch ohne Kundenregistrierung.

Retain customers, even without customer registration.

The use of personalised customer cards is not absolutely necessary in order to retain customers to your business more strongly. That's because bonVito offers effective alternatives here which do not require your customers to register. For example, you can create receipts with your POS system which can be used as a coupon for the next purchase, or which act like a stamp with a certain discount.

And of course you can also offer your customers bonVito customer cards with which they can first test the attractive shopping advantages anonymously. A personalisation, and with it the registration of the cards, is also possible later at any time. Among other things, it also offers you the enormous advantage of preparing customer lists automatically and according to certain criteria.

The bonVito customer card can be given the design of your business on the front and especially signals a particular valuation to regular customers in the style of your company.