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Kundenkarten mit Bezahlfunktion.

Customer cards with integrated payment function.

Payment by card is not only especially convenient for your customers, it also contributes to alleviating the problem of making change and avoiding POS differences, which often result in the time-consuming search for errors.

The bonVito customer card therefore offers you the option of integrating a payment function and - if you have several sales outlets - of realising a payment system for all your regional locations. Your customers have the card charged with any credit amount at your shop and use it to make cashless payments to you in future. Thanks to additional functions, you can also use the card to evaluate the purchasing behaviour of the card holders via your bonVito system and for your marketing purposes.

The bonVito customer card is given the design of your business and especially signals a particular valuation to regular customers. And this customer retention is additionally strengthened with the practical payment function. If lost, the card can be immediately blocked and easily replaced with the bonVito system for maximum security. Saved discounts are retained.