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Credit, Prepaid, Gift Card

With this module, bonVito customer cards are equipped with a practical payment function.

Gift- and voucher cards in individual design

Automate your voucher management and save valuable time

  • Load the desired amount to the card
  • No manual processing of remaining amounts necessary
  • Exportable voucher with extensive information like the date of loading, amount, current balance etc.


Receipt e-Payment

Prepaid: Debit use

Have your customers pay per customer card or bonVito App

  • Your own prepaid card system, which also works cross-company
  • You determine the maximum loading amount for all customers, customer groups or individual customers
  • The cards are loaded either directly via the POS system or by the card holder via PayPal
  • Maximum safety: The balance is stored in the system, i.e. when a registered card gets lost it can easily be replaced


Credit: Credit use

Provide a credit line for your customers

  • You determine the credit line for all customers, customer groups or individual customers
  • If desired, your customers can further restrict this limit

E-Payment Special: Restrictable payment card

You and your customers determine the items or product groups of your range to be paid with a payment card. Parents for example can restrict the payment card of their children so that these cannot use the card for forbidden items.

More information here.

Overview at a glance

You have an overview of all customer cards at all times with the extensive real-time evaluation functions. You can view the exact status of all received, redeemed and still unused credit and credit line amounts at all times.

Analysis E-Payment


Setting - EPay
Setting - EPay
Analysis - EPay
Analysis - EPay

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