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bonVito gift card: App-based voucher

Ideal for hairdressers, retailers, ice-cream parlours, toyshops, garages, massage- and beauty parlours and many more trades.

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The bonVito gift card is a professional and inexpensive solution for App-based vouchers.

Laborious completion and administration of paper vouchers are thus a thing of the past; the bonVito gift card works automatically. Simply scan the card and top up or debit the amount in no time. The app is very easy to operate thanks to its clear design.

  • Independent solution
  • One-time package price
  • No transaction costs
  • Standard and individual designs

Your benefits

  • Do it like the Big Players in retail trade: bonVito provides you with a professional, digital voucher.
  • You generate additional sales and increase the customer retention.
  • The workflow is accelerated when the manual voucher keeping can be omitted.
  • Neither training nor installation is required. The system runs parallel to your existing POS system and is very easy to operate
  • Complete cost control: One-time package price, no current costs or transaction fees.

Practical package solution

  • You get a package that combines voucher or gift cards with an app for handling.  
  • For direct use at the Point of Sale
  • The gift cards have a neutral design. To increase the advertising effect, the customer cards are given your individual design.
  • Displays and card-matching wallets are optionally available.
  • Individualise the app within seconds: Load your image; enter the company name and select the background colour that suits you.





Evaluation "on demand"

  • Reports can be generated for definable periods.
  • The automatically updated voucher is available for download at any time.

This makes correct bookkeeping of vouchers a child's play.

bonVito gift card

Debit the amount
Debit the amount
Request evaluation
Request evaluation
Top up amount
Top up amount
Scan card code
Scan card code
Confirmation prompt
Confirmation prompt

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