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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

What happens when a customer card with discounts and a credit amount is lost?

All data is stored centrally in the bonVito database. Therefore, all credit and discounts are retained and can continue to be used without loss with a replacement card.

Do I need a special POS system to use bonVito?

The bonVito customer retention system has been optimised for use on Vectron POS systems. If you have chosen the bonVito Comfort service package, we will provide you with a new Vectron POS system free of charge.

Do I have to take care of the compliance with basic legal conditions?

No. bonVito ensures compliance of all legal specification, such as data protection regulations. In addition, current changes are taken into account automatically as part of regular updates.

Can I also issue discounts via other print media with bonVito?

Yes. With the bonVito Advertising Coupon module you can create printing templates which, for example, can be used in advertisements and then easily read in by your POS system during payment.

How can I be sure that discounts are only given when a product or a service is sold?

In conjunction with a Vectron POS system, it is automatically ensured that discounts are only given with a corresponding sales booking in the POS system. Misuse and fraud by customers and personnel is therefore impossible.

Can I also use bonVito for table reservations at restaurants?

Yes. With bonVito reservations can be managed conveniently and safely electronically, eliminating the need for written notes and complicated reservation books. All reservations can be clearly shown and changed at any time on the display. In addition, guests can make their reservations online themselves via your restaurant's website. Individually configurable filters (blacklist) automatically block undesirable queries.

How can I manage my customer base and provide information on promotions with bonVito?

With the CRM functions of bonVito you can create a customer directory in any desired size and use it for effective customer retention and customer care according to a broad range of specifications. In the process, you have, among other things, the option of combining customers in groups and informing them very specifically about advertising campaigns via E-mail or text messages. With the bonVito customer card the success rates can be checked directly and evaluated in real time.

Is bonVito also suitable for companies with branch locations?

Yes. Especially for chain operators, bonVito offers a number of powerful control options with which customer retention measures can be designed and carried out for individual locations, groups of locations or for all locations as required. For example, discounts and coupon promotions can be matched to the environment, the range of products and services and the customer structure of each individual location.

How can I check the success of a customer retention measure?

bonVito offers versatile reporting and evaluation functions with which you not only see the current sales of each POS system in real time, but can also measure and evaluate the response to your customer retention promotions. As a result, you can still make modifications during the ongoing promotion if necessary.

How do my customers learn about may promotions?

All customers, whose data you have stored in your customer directory, will be informed personally via E-mail or text message. An electronic customer card is ideally always created with the issuing of a customer card, which among other things has the advantage that you can automatically specify which customers you reach with your promotion.

Can bonVito replace our discounts and stamps?

Yes. With bonVito stamps and coupons are printed out directly on the receipt. With each additional purchase, the old receipt is automatically replaced with a new one with a corresponding marking. This ensures that no stamp is issued without a sale and the entire filled-out electronic stamp card is automatically offset. Starting now stamps which are printed and therefore susceptible to forgery are a thing of the past.

Do my customers always have to register for a customer card?

No. If your customers would like to try out the advantages of the bonVito customer card without committing themselves, this is not a problem. They then receive an anonymous card. Registration later is easily possible at any time.

Do I need an additional PC for bonVito?

No. To use bonVito, you only require a suitable electronic POS system which we provide you with free of charge if necessary and an Internet connection. With this configuration you have access to our security-certified bonVito high-performance servers, which guarantee optimal availability at all times.

Wie erstelle ich einen Marketingplan?

Einen Leitfaden zur Erstellung eines Marketingplans und wie bonVito Ihnen dabei helfen kann, finden Sie hier: Leitfaden Marketingplan